Word of Mouth Marketing

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People love to talk. And generally they love to talk about products, services or experiences. They even love to review these services on platforms such as Amazon reviews.

WOM marketing is the oldest and cheapest marketing tool today. It has always been there but we’ve never called by its real name. It has been there through a recommendation from a friend, a family member, your doctor, a work colleague, a chat your heard on the train home and on online reviews or articles.

Word of Mouth Marketing works for any type of business, from small to medium to big companies. The only thing that you need to do is to give people a reason to talk about you. This could be for example a great product or an excellent service.

Your aim is to earn the respect and admiration of your customers so they can do the rest which is talking and marketing your products for free.

Studies reveal that over 80% of word of mouth is done in face to face conversations while less than 20% is done online. And all these is done without expecting any rewards or prices, just simply because they love your services, they want to help you and they want to share this with other people.

This is one of the greatness of word of mouth marketing, that makes your brand more honest, with good quality products that deserve people’s trust. If you do the opposite and try to be cheeky or offer not so good services or products, this will backfire towards you and your brand and will be shown on permanent reviews.

People like to talk about your products or services because they simply love them. As well as they also like to rate you negatively when you do something that they didn’t like or that they found unacceptable. Also, they talk about you because you have given them a reason or something to talk about. From an exceptional experience to a really good product to use, you have made it very easy for them to talk about you.

Talking about you makes them feel good and look smart. They feel that they are helping other people through their expertise and knowledge in the issue and sometimes they could also enjoy feeling important since they will be acknowledged.

And lastly, everybody wants to be part of a group. They enjoy being connected to a family of people that shares the same opinion and passions. So go ahead, show them what you have to offer and start giving them a good reason to about you!

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