Top 5 Tips To Master Email Marketing

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Email Marketing could be a difficult technique to master, but with the right tools and strategy you will be able to master it as well as increase your return of investment significantly.

1. Good subject line

The subject line is your golden token to your potential client. People underestimate how important this feature is and they forget that their email will be opened depending on how good and appealing the subject line is. In fact, over 30% of email recipients decide if they want to open an email depending on how appealing the subject line is to them.

This is why is so important to take the right time to create a good and attractive subject line that will cause a good first impression and will make your recipients to want to know more and subsequently open your email.

The key to write a good subject line is to keep it simple and short. Don’t forget that less is more always. Your aim should be to describe a bit of what’s in the email so the recipient feels in need to open it to continue reading.

Finally, try to create a sentence that is personalised to him by either segmenting the data or using his name. We send over 181 billion emails per day around the world, so being different is the key. Try to ensure that your subject line doesn’t look like the rest with too many icons or ambiguous text!

2. Send it to the right data

Knowing your database will significantly improve your open and clickthrough rates. By focusing on sending your emails to specific and targeted groups, you will realise that your recipients will show more interest and respond better to your email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp’s latest study got a result of an improvement of increase of over 14% in open rates and almost a 60% increase for click-through rates in segmented email campaigns.

A good way to start segmenting your data is through demographics, where you could be sending emails depending on their age, interests or household income for example. You could get this information through the initial sign up form and keep them so you get to know your recipients much better. You should be careful though, don’t ask too many questions so the subscriber doesn’t get scared and go away!

Other type of segmentation could be done geographically, past purchases and amount spent, website behaviour and much more!

3. Visual CTA

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tool if not the most. If you do it properly you will potentially increase your return on investment significantly. The Econsultancy Email Marketing Census 2014 shows that 68% of companies rate the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ for ROI.

One of the most important features in email marketing is a good “Call to Action” or CTA. This feature in shape of a button normally or hyperlinked text will engage your recipients with your brand and also redirect them to a specific product or service that you think that could potentially work for them.

A good CTA should stand out to grab the recipients attention immediately. It should work well with the rest of the design and colours of the email but at the same time it should be bold and attractive to drive your recipients to click and continue engaging with you.

To increase this effect, don’t forget writing direct copy that persuades your recipient and creates a feeling of urgency to act faster and go wherever you want to take them.

4. Good design

Take your time to draft a good design for each of your email campaigns. This will guarantee a good result and will allow your recipient to have a pleasant experience without feeling overwhelmed with too much information.

Also you have to bear in mind, that even if it’s just an email, it comes from your own business and therefore you shouldn’t forget to create a design that is consistent with your products, website and logo. This is a very popular mistake that creates confusion to the reader.

With regards to design, you could use colour to attract attention and to contrast different features or even use animated GIFs which are very attractive to the recipient.

Most importantly don’t forget that less is more and your aim is to create an easy to read design that is consistent and in harmony with your brand.

5. Great content

Contents is always King, this says it all and we are so happy to offer this service. Good content will enable you to engage with your recipients and potential customers rather than needing to use any advertising tools.

By using content in emails you will be able to stay in touch and create a strong relationships with your recipients. To engage with them correctly you should put your efforts in creating simple and easy to read content.

Your recipients have allowed you to send them information through email so make good use of it and don’t disappoint them. Make sure what you send is relevant to them, easy to understand and quick to read. Latest researches have shown that we spend on average more than 45 hours reading emails every month. Be clever and write something that will make a difference and that stands out!

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