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Social Media

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Social media advertising is now one of the key tools when running marketing campaigns. 

Facebook and Instagram are some of the bigger platforms for digital advertising with a total ads revenue of over $6.8 billion for just Q3 in 2016. Other channels such as Twitter or Snapchat with over $545 million and $367 million respectively.

A good social media strategy can help you to increase awareness and business’ visibility, as well as help you to engage with potential and non-potential consumers. It will also help you increase brand recognition and communicate with your customers in real time. 

Our social media campaigns are based in insights to ensure that we are reaching and engaging the way we wanted with your target audience.

We design specific and personalised campaigns for you and your business to improve your conversion rates and search engine rankings and we put you at the centre of online conversations that are important to your brand and target audience.

The social media team works closely to the content team to ensure that your message is sent at the right time and in the right tone of voice. 

With our insights, you will gain marketplace experience so you can have a better idea of what your customer needs anytime and ensure you become the leader in the market by providing this.

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Social Media

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