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Search Engine Optimisation

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There is so much more than using exact match keywords in your content, climbing the search engine rankings and hoping that your brand becomes visible on Google or other search engines. Nowadays, search engine algorithms are way more sophisticated and look through engagement factors and content relevancy to understand if your site answers what the user is looking for.

For GLOBO CLIK’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital foundation for every brand. A solid and effective SEO strategy entails technical optimisation, content and authority optimisation. As an agency, we provide expertise in all three domains to guarantee that your site is structured correctly, and it is accessible by the search engines. We also ensure that your pages are optimised based on user intent to drive higher organic traffic and conversions to your site.

GLOBO CLIK’s approach to Search Engine Optimisation is based on how search engines understand your brand as an entity. As a team, we work closely with all channels such as paid search, paid social and display to improve efficiency and provide a more coherent user experience.

If your brand operates on a global scale, you need to ensure that your visibility in those countries constitutes an important factor in your success. Implementing an international SEO strategy is proving essential to improve your international search visibility and rankings on search engines in other regions.
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Search Engine Optimisation

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