9 Creative ways to grow your email list

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Do you feel that you are running out of ideas how to grow your email list? We have gathered 9 creative and easy ways to help you.

1. Create a different email signature

By adding a simple call to action to your email signature you can persuade your contacts to subscribe to your list. That call to action should go directly to your sign-up form and later on to an automated process or a thank you email.

2. Popup forms

Popups work like it or not. These little and sometimes annoying windows that appear whenever you don’t expect it, are actually the best way to capture email addresses. Some companies have notices an increase of over 65% of new subscribers since using this tool.

You might now be thinking why are they so effective? Well, they are eye-catching, can be triggered at just the right moment and if you do your job right, they could offer specific offers depending on your visitors.

Your email service provider might let you create your own lightboxes or alternatively you can download softwares such as SumoMe or OptinMonster for cool and animated popups.

You can also create triggered reminder popups so they show up after your visitors have been visiting your site for a while.

3. Sign up button in Social Media

There are many ways you can grow your subscriber list through social media. You can create a signup button or a newsletter subscription tab on Facebook or alternatively you can post a photo of one of your products or services or an offer to a free giveaway on Instagram and include a link in your bio asking people to sign up to be able to participate in the giveaway.

4. Landing pages

A catchy and visual landing page with excellent content is decisive to grow your database. You can place your subscription form in your landing page and offer a freebee or a special discount.

5. Top blog posts

Blogs can potentially drive more traffic to your website and also become a major source to grow your email list.

The way to convert these visitors looking for content is to simply ask them for their email address in return for sending them new blogs regularly. You can make it easier for them by creating a newsletter form in the sidebar of after each page or post as mentioned in our previous post.

6. About page

If someone visits your About page, it means that they are definitely interested in your company and that might want to know a little bit more about you. This is a great opportunity to trigger a pop-up or include a web form inside the page or in your website footer.

7. Collect through guest Wi-Fi

If you have a guest Wi-Fi service available at your premises you can use software like MyPlace Connect to turn your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool.

This way, customers using your free Wi-Fi will be asked to enter their emails address or to connect to your social media channels to be able to access free Wi-Fi.

8. Collect email addresses when signing up for your events

Remember that your events in person such as conferences, meetups, fairs, etc., can help you collect new email addresses. There are some email service providers that allow you to collect more contacts through their mobile email collector such as MailChimp or alternatively you could use email collectors such as SignUpAnywhere.

9. Offer exclusive access

This technique is used for many e-commerce companies as hook to get more subscribers into a members-only space. This way they offer something that they might not find anywhere else and they will also feel special for being part of such an exclusive group.

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